Top Tips About Data Backup

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Top Tips About Data Backup

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Even with the advanced technology and tough computers, it is a fact that most of the computers will fail at some point. In fact, the question should be “when” as opposed to “if”, but there is an option of protecting your data and keeping it safe. Backing up your data is a very simple process and you can be guaranteed that there will be no file lost if you follow the following data backup tips.

Set up automatic backup procedures

The important of regular data backup does not hit until you lose something dear to your future. Ensure that you have an automated backup option that backs up your files and folders on a regular basis.

Include databases and website files

Many people think their most important data is pictures of their wedding and the music they have downloaded. However, your databases and browsers are also important. Don’t you get tired entering your password every time you visit a website? Ensure that you backup website files as they will save you a lot of time when accessing them later.

Remember to test your backup

Things that run automatically are not always perfect. As much as you would like to backup your data automatically and remove the task from your mind, you need to check if it’s working well. Try to restore your data from various locations when you are testing the system.

Protect you data

Most people make the mistake of transferring their data from one location to another assuming that it’s protected and safe. What will happen if your external hard drive storing all your data is damaged in flood or fire? Always keep three copies of your most valuable data.

Have a strategy

Saving your files and folder regularly is not enough. Have a data backup strategy which includes scheduling, restoration and testing to ensure that data is safe.

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