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Network services is a term commonly used in the field of computer networking. It refers to a running application both above and at the network- application layer which provides communication, presentation, manipulation and data storage. Normally, network services are implemented via peer- to- peer or client- servers’ architecture basically based on the application layers or network protocols. Servers and clients have user- interfaces and other times other hardware devices which are associated to them.

Managed network services have gradually grown viable and are continuously replacing the MPLS networks which involved a traditional form of management. Some of the most common services involved under this are managed security, managed business voice, managed VPN, disaster recovery and business continuity, data storage, internet and intranet. All these services lead to some companies out- tasking other companies.

Network services offer their users a series of benefits. The main benefit offered by these is on cost reduction. A recent study by the META- Group showed that a change from some traditional service providers like the MPLS and frame relay can cut down the cost of the organization by up to 65%. Some of the various costs which will be avoided include recruitment costs, training costs and equipment costs among others.

Although network services offer so many benefits, they do not lack a disadvantage or two. However, the benefits and advantages outdo the disadvantages. The main demerit is on network and data security. Network and data security is very crucial and highly mandated. This leads to many organizations and firms to seek and find managed service- providers with compliance and security expertise.

In conclusion, there are a number of factors that should be considered while choosing the best network service provider. Some of these factors are a 24-7 service availability, cost, reliability and security. All these among others must be in the contract or agreement. The service contract or agreement should be customizable per the requirements of the business. This clearly indicates the service provider’s flexibility.

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