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How to Get the Best Computer Repair Services

With the development of technology in the modern days, almost all businesses have computers that help in the different functions. In one time or the other computers break down and thus require to be repaired by highly experienced and qualified computer experts. There are many computer repair services in the modern days, but not all

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What is Cloud Backup

You’ve probably heard of storing your data in “the cloud”, but what is cloud backup?  Well we are here to help explain that, actually Mike Flaherty on YouTube made a video that helps explain it. Thanks, Mike!

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Top Tips About Data Backup

Even with the advanced technology and tough computers, it is a fact that most of the computers will fail at some point. In fact, the question should be “when” as opposed to “if”, but there is an option of protecting your data and keeping it safe. Backing up your data is a very simple process

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Network Services

Network services is a term commonly used in the field of computer networking. It refers to a running application both above and at the network- application layer which provides communication, presentation, manipulation and data storage. Normally, network services are implemented via peer- to- peer or client- servers’ architecture basically based on the application layers or

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Life With Computers and Laptops

A laptop repair or computer technician is a professional who maintains and repairs computer and servers. Their responsibilities may even extend to configuring new hardware, updating and installing software, maintaining and creating computer networks. A laptop repair and computer technician may work in a central service center, retail computer sales environment, information technology department or

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The Most Effective Data Backup Techniques

You’ll find nothing more frustrating and amazing like losing critical data within your Computer system. Whether it is family photos, school projects, songs collection or corporation performance record, losing these information isn’t an alternative. Personal computers can stop working as with every other product, therefore, this calls for putting in place a data backup procedure

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Bandwidth Explained

I found this video that helps explain bandwidth and file size. Enjoy! Video by Explain Technology’s channel on YouTube

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Why Do Computers Get Slow?

Watch this video as ThioJoeTech answers why computers get slow the longer you use them.

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